Saint-Tropez - Experience the Good Life on The French Riviera

Saint-Tropez is one of the most glamorous seaside towns on the picturesque French Riviera and a favorite hangout among the planet’s rich and beautiful jet-setters.

Good Life on the French Riviera

Once a small fishing village, Saint-Tropez has become one of the most famous resorts in Europe, one that today stands out due to its upscale vibe and spectacular seafront lined with “Belle Époque” houses, luxurious boutiques and fashionable cafes. The landscape is perfected by picturesque surroundings, alluring medieval streets and fantastic beaches, although for the most beholders, nothing seems to shine brighter than the exquisite vista of mighty sleek yachts moored in the port.

St Tropez Landscape

Apart from all these charms that continue to draw the rich and famous into going back year after year, there’s actually the gorgeous weather which makes this place a year-round paradise. And although the usual clientele doesn’t seem to be particularly interested in scratching its glossy surface, you should keep in mind that St. Tropez is, after all, a picture-perfect coastal town on the world’s most remarkable riviera and a place whose magical surroundings have inspired painters and writers of the last century and apparently, is still doing so with today’s Hollywood directors.

French Riviera

The boom of St Tropez began with the international success of Roger Vadim’s film - “And God Created Woman”, a controversial French drama starring Brigitte Bardot, and ever since then it established itself as a fashionable holiday spot, a heaven for shopping and nightlife and a wonderful place to relocate to, raise a family and live the good life. Therefore, whether you’re looking to rent a villa Pampelonne, on the city’s longest and most famous beach or you opt for a more secluded location, Saint-Tropez and its magical surroundings offer a wonderful selection of accommodations to choose from.

Villa in South of France

The only thing that had changed over time is probably the hedonistic reputation the resort had in the 60’s. In the last decade, St. Tropez or “St-Trop”, as wealthy locals and regulars like to call it, has evolved into a more family-oriented destination. The summer months are, of course, bustling with movement and flamboyance, but the rest of the year reveals a different Saint-Tropez, one that still retains its medieval flavor and sweet bohemian style.

Infinity Pool

In the end, what really captivates travelers and home buyers into choosing this exclusive town is the outstanding mix of big-city glam, Provencal charm and serene, luxurious lifestyle.

Luxury St Tropez Villa

For all of you enthralled by the glories of Saint-Tropez, check out the wonderful selection of properties for sale or rent on Jetset Agency - a luxury real estate agency specializing in St Tropez Villa rental and prestigious homes on the French Riviera.

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